Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be intimidating.  Our gym is very welcoming to beginners.  We don’t “throw you to the wolves”, or try to weed you out.  We want to give you a real, comprehensive, fundamental program to learn BJJ, the most effective one on one martial art in the world.

What can you expect for your first class?
One of our instructors will introduce you to the other students at the gym.  You will have personal, one-on-one instruction from an experienced practitioner.

Learn this incredibly effective martial art that utilizes grappling to immobilize your opponent to finish with a choke or armlock in a safe, controlled setting.

Starting any martial arts program can be a challenging undertaking. A lot of programs have a very sink or swim approach. We take a very different stance: we feel that we  provide a simple but comprehensive martial arts program that will maximize the results of any student.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What should I wear to my first class?

  • For No-Gi BJJ/Submission Grappling classes:  Gym/Board Shorts and a Rashguard or T-shirt.
  • For BJJ Gi Classes:  You will need to wear a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi or training uniform.  If you do not own a Gi, you can use a loaner for your first visit.
  • For more on Brazilian, Jiu-jitsu Gi’s,  see the Wikipedia Entry.

When should I show up for my first class?

Generally speaking, it is best to show up 15-20 minutes prior to class start time.  The instructor will introduce himself and speak with you about your first class.  Then, you will opporunity to change into your training uniform, sign-in and say hello to everyone.

How long is each class?

Typically, class length is 1.5 to 2 hours.

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