If you’re interested in self defense classes in the Richmond, VA area, join us at Revolution BJJ for an upcoming introductory program.    If you’re new to self defense, we have the ideal program for you, and several options to choose from – all noncommittal.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is an ever-evolving process; it is unlike any other martial art out there in that it fully utilizes the scientific method in order to determine what moves are still used. Not only did the Gracie family test out the effectiveness of the techniques dozens- if not hundreds- of times in the street, but the techniques continued to be tested hundreds of thousands of times on the mats every day at the gym. Old techniques that are no longer effective are simply thrown out, while new techniques and new methods of doing the old techniques are created every day.

With direct lineage to Carlson Gracie via Julio “Foca” Fernandez, Revolution BJJ sets itself apart:  the program is geared towards achieving one’s highest level of achievement possible, without compromising one’s basics. Structured instruction, coupled with lots and lots of “rolling” (live grappling sparring) are the emphasis, more so than the majority of other jiu jitsu gyms. With all of this live rolling with higher level guys, your game will progress very quickly. We think you’ll see improvements within the first month in the way you grapple.

Find out more about our introductory program here.

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